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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the benefit of buying comments?

The biggest advantage of buying comments to your business listing on the Google search engine is to ranking higher and a business that gets a lot of comments and to positively impact potential customers.

Who will write comments?

All comments are written by active users in accordance with the spelling rules. Comments written in this way are not perceived as spam by google and will not be deleted.

Are comments deleted over time?

Since the comments are written by active users and local guides they cannot be deleted.

How often are comments made?

In order to ensure that the comments appear natural and convincing, not all comments are made within a single day.

Who can order comments?

All individuals or organizations that have a business listing on Google can receive comments.

Do Google reviews affect natural search results ranking?

Since Google reviews affect the ranking of your business listing, your website will receive more visitors, which will affect your site's ranking in natural search results as it reduces your site's alexa value.